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Cosmosis Icons
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Cosmosis Icons

Welcome! Cosmosis Icons is yet another graphics community in ElJayland. We mostly make icons, but sometimes there are other things (profile dividers, text bars, holiday cards).

Each of us has our own style(s), and we do this because we love making pretty things. Please do not bring drama here. If you don't like our rules, there are plenty of other places to find icons and graphics. We know and accept this.

This community has moderated membership. That means that you need to be granted permission to join. We do this to keep known icon stealers out. We really wish we didn't have to, and so long as you follow the rules there shouldn't be a problem.

In order to be approved for membership, you must give credit for all the icons currently in use.
If you made them yourself, please indicate this as well.

Amy (collectingpups)
Kate (kisuncha)
Molly (theghettocyborg)
Veet (veetvoojagig)

We work really hard on these icons so please don't steal them.

Amy (collectingpups) is always willing to take requests, so please feel free to comment on her posts. When making requests, please be as specific as possible! If you want a specific image, color, or font used, don't be shy. However, with fonts, please try and provide alternate choices and/or a link to a free download of the font (because even my massive collection doesn't have everything!).

* Credit is required!

Credit for icons belongs either in the keywords or comments for each icon used. Credit other graphics either in your profile, or in the post the graphic is used in. Please use the following format, depending on who made what:
collectingpups @ cosmosis_icons
kisuncha @ cosmosis_icons
theghettocyborg @ cosmosis_icons

Please make sure you're crediting the proper maker!

If you don't know how to do this, ohpaintbrush has created this wonderful tutorial. Learn it, live it, love it.

* Comment here so we know what people like (and can then make more).

* No hotlinking (it uses up my bandwidth and means we can't share anymore icons!).

* Do not edit the graphics.
If you wish something personalized, ask! We'll either do it for you or grant you permission to do it yourself, or say no. Whatever we decide is final.

* Do not claim our work as your own.

* These graphics are for use on LiveJournal only.

Anyone who is found breaking these rules will be banned from the community.

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Background image from Tom's Astronomy Blog.